Expanded Blueprint Detail    This blueprint shows  how and where the various individual pieces that are needed to make a complete unit, fit correctly onto the the base, and also gives the length and width of the base. Blueprints like this one are invaluable in the manufacturing and assembly of useful products and allow someone a thousand miles away from where the parts were manufactured, stored and assembled to correctly order and install replacement parts if a part is defective or wears out over time. Because blueprints exist you can rest assured that the part you order will be exactly the same as the part you are replacing since each individual part was manufactured to tolerances and dimensions as shown on the blueprint for that part.
    Before I was forced to go on disability I had been employed as a machine setup operator and used blueprints on a daily basis when setting up machines to manufacture parts that would later be assembled or sold at different locations. If the parts I manufactured did not match my blueprints once completed, they would not fit into the item they were manufactured for, in this case, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and production would grind to a halt, or there would be a very unhappy store manager and/or customer somewhere in the world, so I was keenly aware of the importance of blueprints.
    As I was doing a bible study one day I came upon Matt. 10:30 where God's word says every hair on our head has a number. I had read that scripture many times over the years but that day when I read it my mind immediately flashed back to my days of using blueprints and I sat in my chair almost in disbelief that somewhere in the universe God just possibly had a blueprint of me and that blueprint was drawn to such minuscule detail that every individual hair follicle on my head had been planned, numbered and recorded. It was this thought that inspired me to write the poem "BLUEPRINT". I pray in some small way the poem may also touch and inspire you to consider how fearfully and wonderfully you have been made. You are indeed loved by God! In His Love, Jay